Maximilian Gray – Alvin Baylor Lives!: A 21st Century Pulp

Alvin Baylor Lives!: A 21st Century Pulp [Audiobook] by Maximilian Gray
English | December 13, 2018 | ASIN: B07L9HH738 | [email protected] kbps | 10 hrs 4 mins | 274 MB
Narrator: Josh Horowitz

Alvin Baylor’s life is not turning out as expected. He was tasting glory as a cyber-athlete, until scandal ended his career. Now he spends his days at a dead-end job in a constant hangover haze. And with the North America of 2117 fractured into corporate territories, who can blame him?

But Alvin is about to get a life-changing proposition: serve his corporate overlords on a secretive delivery mission to an asteroid-mining colony. In exchange he’ll receive a bonus that will pay off his debts and change his fortune. Or he can take option number two – the unemployment line.

Riding an all-expense-paid cruise to the frontier of the solar system, Alvin has every reason to be optimistic. But he’s in the dark on a couple of key details. The prototype he’s delivering is a technological marvel that will transform the world.and a mysterious female assassin is coming to steal it.

It’s the opportunity of a lifetime.but Alvin Baylor just might pay with his life!