Media, Technology and Copyright: Integrating Law and Economics

Media, Technology and Copyright: Integrating Law and Economics
Publisher: Edward Elgar Pub
Date: 2004-06-15
ISBN-10: 1843766574
ISBN-13: 9781843766575
Language: English
Pages: 209
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Media, Technology and Copyright is an interdisciplinary work that applies economic theory to central topical issues in the law of intellectual property. Based on the author’s professional experience as a professor, lecturer, and consultant, the volume represents the first full-length consideration of the diverse topics of law and copyright by a professional economist. Opening chapters of the book involve issues in the analog domain, including the economics of infringement, fair use, property damages, liability rules, compulsory licensing, and publicity rights. Chapters on digital rights include topics related to software, databases, and cyber-law, including digital rights management, file-sharing, music licensing, deep linking, framing, and contributory infringement. The author also brings economic insights to competition law for intellectual property, including antitrust, copyright misuse, and applications in the European Union.
Written in non-technical language for an interdisciplinary audience of lawyers, economists, students, artists, and professionals in the content industry, the book provides a comprehensive study for anyone interested in the issues surrounding intellectual property rights.
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