by James Wolfe
English | 2016 | ISBN: 1622755723 | 194 Pages | PDF | 8.6 MB

Modern science has made remarkable advances in genetics. This volume covers the foundations of genes and heredity to give readers a solid understanding of what modern genetics has been built on, before examining the ways in which genetic testing is used to assess genetic risk. Also featured are the many ways researchers and medical professionals are using gene therapy to improve lives, as well as bioethical considerations and social ramifications inherent in going even further with genetics.

Biotechnology is the manipulation of biology or biological/organic processes to make products. Since the 1970s, biotechnology research has focused on the areas of health care, energy/industry, and agriculture. It has produced such remarkable advances as a viral pacemaker, prosthetic limbs that provide feedback, and a rocket-powered arm. It has made it possible to manipulate an individual's DNA. In this volume on genetic testing and gene therapy, the reader will gain an in-depth look at the history, methodologies, processes, applications, and potential for growth in this fascinating field.