Medical Symptoms: A Visual Guide: The Easy Way to Identify…

Medical Symptoms: A Visual Guide: The Easy Way to Identify Medical Problems
Publisher: DK
Date: 2018-01-09
ISBN-10: 9781465459
ISBN-13: 9781465459145
Language: English
Pages: 256
Added: 2018-11-25 08:02:02

A simple, visual symptom checker that helps you match your symptoms and health problems to possible conditions, and quickly directs you to the correct treatment.

Whether it’s a symptom you’ve been ignoring for a while or something like a sudden pain after a fall, this book tells you what it could be and what action to take. Head-to-toe visual diagnostic guides help you identify suspected conditions or injuries based on symptoms, from headaches to foot pain and everything in between. Once you’ve narrowed it down, a cross-reference takes you to easy-to-follow descriptions of the condition at the back of the book. Potentially life-threatening situations and ailments that need urgent medical advice are clearly flagged. Fully illustrated throughout, the Medical Symptoms: A Visual Guide is an invaluable reference. Show more Show less 3ca5ca7e544bd780d51c1d01a573fc06 46a710cfde5c65fa0f54fb98e32a0cb1