Meshfree Methods For Partial Differential Equations Vii …

Meshfree Methods For Partial Differential Equations Vii (lecture Notes In Computational Science And Engineering)

Meshfree methods, particle methods, and generalized finite element methods havewitnessedsubstantial development since the mid 1990s. The growing interest in these methods isduein part to the fact that they are extremelyflexible numerical tools and can be interpreted in a number of ways. For instance, meshfree methods can be viewed as a natural extension of classical finite element and finite difference methods to scattered node configurations with no fixed connectivity. Furthermore, meshfree methodsoffer a number ofadvantageous features which are especially attractive when dealing with multiscale phenomena:a prioriknowledge about particular local behavior of the solution caneasily beintroduced in the meshfree approximation space, andcoarse-scale approximations can be seamlessly refined with fine-scale information. This volume collects selected papers presented at the Seventh International Workshop on Meshfree Methods,held in Bonn, Germany in September 2013. They address various aspects of thishighly dynamicresearch field and cover topics from applied mathematics, physics and engineering.