Methods And Applications Of Statistics In Clinical …

Methods And Applications Of Statistics In Clinical Trials, Volume 1: Concepts, Principles, Trials, And Designs

After establishing the key principles behind the creation of clinical trials, the second volume of MAS Clinical Trails guides readers through the next steps of planning, analysis, and clinical data management. Methods and Applications of Statistics in Clinical Trials, Volume 2: Planning, Analysis, and Inferential Methods primarily concentrates on the planning of such trials and designs, and then how to analyze the data and what sort of inferential methods could be used. This volume focuses on Newly-written material explores emerging topics including evaluation methods with threshold empirical likelihood methods in clinical experiments nonparametric ROC analysis for trials over- and under-dispersion models and one-, two-, and multi-armed bandit problems. Qualitative issues relating to the planning of clinical trials and clinical trial data management are explored, such as cost-effectiveness analysis publication bias and FDA and regulatory issues and quality assessment of clinical trials.