Michel Thomas Method Speak Italian For Beginners 10-CD Program

Experience the language learning method millions around the world have come to trust. Unlike most language learning systems, the Michel Thomas Method enables you to naturally and intuitively develop the building blocks for language comprehension. You learn at your own speed – listening, speaking, and thinking through the language.

Guided by language teacher extraordinaire Michel Thomas, each CD takes you through an interactive lesson with two other learners. By the end of the program, you will have the ability to put together words and phrases together naturally and make your own sentences. You will have basic vocabulary, conversation skills, and the confidence to speak in Italian. Contains ten audio CDs.

Italian Advanced CD1
Italian Advanced CD2
Italian Advanced CD3
Italian Advanced CD4
Italian Advanced Review CD1
Italian Builder CD1
Italian Builder CD2
Italian Foundation CD1
Italian Foundation CD2
Italian Foundation CD3
Italian Foundation CD4
Italian Foundation CD5
Italian Foundation CD6
Italian Foundation CD7
Italian Foundation CD8
Italian Foundation Review CD1
Italian Foundation Review CD2
Italian Vocabulary CD1
Italian Vocabulary CD2
Italian Vocabulary CD3
Italian Vocabulary CD4
Italian Vocabulary CD5


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