Michelle & The Tentacles (deep Space Seeders …

Michelle & The Tentacles (deep Space Seeders Book 1)

Follow me on Twitter @ChelseaChaynes Michelle was just trying to get away from the drama. Unfortunately for her, that’s when it all started… Staring out into space one night she notices a bright light intent on abducting her. She is taken aboard an intergalactic ship traveling toward worlds unknown with aliens who wish to breed her. What can go wrong? This is the first book in the Deep Space Seeders series. Each book will center around a different woman who is abducted by new aliens, intent on mating her with new species on uncharted planets. Don’t miss out on the fun! Warning! This imaginative 7800 word story contains adult content far too arousing to mention in the blurb, including, but not limited to: impregnation, instant pregnancy, tentacle probings, and egg laying. Mature audiences only.

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