Microfinance And Its Impact On Entrepreneurial Development, …

Microfinance And Its Impact On Entrepreneurial Development, Sustainability, And Inclusive Growth (advances In Finance, Accounting, And Economics (afae))

Microfinance is a broad variety of services, such as microcredit, for entrepreneurs and small businesses lacking access to banking and other financial services. As many smaller businesses and entrepreneurs may not be able to secure credit services, many microfinance promoters believe that it encourages entrepreneurial activities and inclusive growth. Microfinance and Its Impact on Entrepreneurial Development, Sustainability, and Inclusive Growth is an essential resource that empirically explores the role of microfinance in entrepreneurship development and the operational sustainability of microfinance institutions. It also highlights the impact of microfinance on entrepreneurship development in different countries and regions. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics such as risk management, women entrepreneurship, and strategic management, this book provides essential research for entrepreneurs, business managers, policy makers, researchers in the field of finance, and business professionals seeking relevant research on microfinance systems.