Microsoft Outlook For Mac 2011 (a Visual …

Microsoft Outlook For Mac 2011 (a Visual Step By Step Essential Training Guide)

Microsoft Outlook is so much more than simply receiving or sending an email message. While it is an amazing business and personal e-mail management tool and calendar software, the truth is it does have a steep learning curve. The goal of this book is to help anyone, from beginner to intermediate, to start using Outlook to its full potential. Ill help you step-by-step all the way through. Ill show you with nearly 250 step-by-step screenshots on getting to grips with the basics of Outlook, automating common tasks, import contacts and email from other programs, add new email accounts, view email messages by conversation, manage email messages with rules, schedule meetings, and much more. Dont worry, this isnt a picture book either. I have described all steps in full detail, and provided tips along the way. The book has about 20,000 words. This book will get you up to speed with Microsoft Outlook and cut your learning curve.