Mind Kill: Rise of the Marauder by Peter Casilio

Mind Kill: Rise of the Marauder by Peter Casilio
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 602 KB

Who is Peter Mitchelli, Real Estate Developer, Father, Widower, Mafia Killer.he is the Marauder! Struggling to manage his bipolar mental inferno, Mitchelli has forgotten about his violent past, that is until his deceased wife reappears, talking him out of his suicidal obsession. Mitchelli’s siblings have mocked his violent eruptions as his Mind Kill.little do they know of his past. Is Peter Mitchelli’s mind killing him, or killing those who get in his way?

Twenty-one policemen have disappeared while patrolling Lake Erie off the shores of Buffalo, New York. As their investigation is stalled, FBI Agents Angela MacJames and Robert Freed are ordered to hire a Buffalo civilian operative to help gather local leads. Reluctantly they stumble upon their recruit, Peter Mitchelli, a middle-aged real estate developer. Agents Freed and MacJames are dumfounded by the investigative intuitiveness of Mitchelli.

The investigation’s lead agent Freed struggles to control his Italian investigators; Peter Mitchelli, rogue Buffalo Detective Salvatore Buckala and fast-talking Agent Dom Coarseni. Desperately in love with Mitchelli, MacJames contemplates who Peter Mitchelli is; contract killer, psychopath or the Marauder! While saving the lives of Freed and Buckala, Mitchelli intercepts a Mafia heroin shipment originating from Afghanistan. The heroin smugglers working for the Mafia are Leo Handly and his voluptuous, Mafia liaison Kathy O’Donnell.

An FBI Mole convinces the Mafia that Mitchelli is the Marauder, their rival competitor, that has stolen their heroin. In order to steal back their heroin, the Mafia attacks Mitchelli in a series of rolling gun battles on the streets and waterways surrounding Buffalo. Paranoia grips the investigators as they witness Mitchelli’s mental struggle while fighting for his life.

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