Mining Capital: Methods, Best-practices And Case Studies …

Mining Capital: Methods, Best-practices And Case Studies For Financing Mining Projects

Mining is a capital-intensive industry, and involves long lead times to develop projects that demand a structured approach, from mine exploration to exit. This book provides mine developers, investors, owners, shareholders, and mineral policymakers a comprehensive game plan to raise capital for the development of new mining projects or to bolster operational mines. The author, an experienced mining capital consultant, shows how mine developers and mine owners can secure capital in any phase of the commodity price cycle, at any site, and at any project stage. The book follows a proven and structured approach that enables mine developers and owners to successfully raise capital for their projects. With the aid of case studies and practical methods, the reader will learn the essentials on topics ranging from developing and marketing a business case for investment, to the types and sources of mining capital for different project stages, as well as the structure and significance of due diligence. The author presents actual mining projects and their funding plans, transaction structures and term sheets for capital. The mining projects discussed represent various project stages, commodities, and parts of the globe, offering a comprehensive reference guide for mine developers, investors and promoters alike.