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Mississippi Current Cookbook: A Culinary Journey down America’s…

Mississippi Current Cookbook: A Culinary Journey down America’s Greatest River
Publisher: Lyons Press
Date: 2014-05-20
ISBN-10: 0762793740
ISBN-13: 9780762793747
Language: English
Pages: 336
Added: 2014-05-26 09:20:18

Discover the varied meals and culinary traditions from the 10 states that border America’s maximum vital river–and the center of American cuisine–with 200 recent recipes for 30 foods and celebrations, and greater than 150 shocking images.
Starting on the river’s supply in Minnesota, famend chef/restaurateur Regina Charboneau introduces readers to a Native American wild rice harvest dinner, a Scandinavian summer season’s finish crayfish birthday party, and a Hmong Southeast Asian New Year’s Eve buffet. Next the ebook strikes to the river’s heart area, from Hannibal to New Madrid, that includes a dinner to honor the person maximum related to the Mississippi–Mark Twain. Recipes are provided for imaginative ┬ámenus for such events as a St. Louis Italian unfold that includes the town’s well-known toasted ravioli, a farmer’s marketplace lunch, and an Arkansas farm supper influenced by way of the huge farmlands on all sides of the Mississippi. The decrease area, from Beale Street to the Bayous of the Gulf of Mexico, offers an perception into the writer’s river roots in Natchez. Included are biscuits, shrimp, smoked tomatoes over creamy grits, a New Orleans-style Reveillon dinner, and a blessing of the fleet dinner impressed by way of the Vietnamese fisherman who shrimp on the mouth of the river.
Scattered right through are intriguing sidebars on such subjects as how the paddlewheel steamboat got here to ply the waters of the Mississippi, the normal canoe manner of harvesting Minnesota wild rice, and the three,000 mile River Road lining the waterway. Throughout are shocking images of native surroundings, dishes, and components taken by way of famend photographer Ben Fink at the magnificent American Queen riverboat and at farms, historical properties, and cities alongside the period of the river.
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