Moon over Bourbon Street: A Bubba the Monster Hunter Novella By John G. Hartness [Audiobook]

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Bubba, Skeeter, Amy and Joe are on vacation in New Orleans when everything goes sideways in the Big Easy and Bubba has to step in and save the day. Between beignets and hurricanes he has to deal with local constabulary, zombies, good vampires, bad vampires (who can tell the difference?), magical murders, a clothing-averse voodoo priest, and the sexy leather-clad Hunter for the Bayou territory.
Will Bubba hook up with the delicious Evangeline?
Will Amy shoot Bubba’s boys off if he thinks about it?
Will Skeeter find love in the Crescent City?
Will there be more zombies shot, shattered and decapitated than any other Bubba story?
Find out, in Moon over Bourbon Street!

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