Mouse on a String at the Prison for Women by George Caron +

Mouse on a String at the Prison for Women by George Caron
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Overview: George Caron entered this institution as a young man in the 1970s. In time, he became warden of the prison – at age thirty-six, the youngest warden in Federal Corrections at that time. Now retired, Caron shares with us the brutal facts of incarceration and reveals the pus and poison that ooze from the tragic events and circumstances in such an environment.

George shares anecdotes, history, and his recollections of an exciting and unpredictable career. George Caron follows one inmate in particular-"Mouse"-from her incarceration to her victorious release into the community. Far from simply a place of punishment and suffering, the P4W offered educational opportunities and other types of programs to inmates who had the interest and ability to benefit from them. These rich, real-life stories and the saga of the inner prison reality are fascinating and profoundly intriguing. George has opened up the mystique of a female prison.

Drugs, illicit weapons, illicit relationships, death threats, Doukhobors, and many other topics make this absorbing reading.
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