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Mr. Selden’s Map of China: Decoding the… by way of Timothy Brook

Mr. Selden’s Map of China: Decoding the Secrets of a Vanished Cartographer by way of Timothy Brook
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Overview: Timothy Brook’s award-winning Vermeer’s Hat spread out the early historical past of globalization, the use of Vermeer’s artwork to turn how items like beaver hats and porcelain bowls started to flow into world wide. Now he plumbs the thriller of a unmarried artifact that gives new insights into international connections centuries previous.
In 2009, an peculiar map of China was once came upon in Oxford’s Bodleian Library-where it had first been deposited 350 years earlier than, then stowed and forgotten for almost a century. Neither historians of China nor cartography mavens had ever noticed the rest love it. It was once so unusual that mavens would have declared it a fake-yet data showed it have been dropped at Oxford in 1659. The “Selden Map,” as it’s recognized, was once a puzzle that wanting fixing.
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