Multi-pass Rendering With V-Ray And Maya

Multi-pass Rendering with V-Ray and Maya
English | 3hr 53m | Video: 720p | Project files 3.57 GB

This course teaches you how to create separate rendering passes with V-Ray and Maya that can be combined with simple compositing to create the full beauty render and move beyond it.
You want that perfect render straight out of Maya, but the reality is that tweaks will be needed in production. In this course, Multi-pass Rendering with V-Ray and Maya, you will learn foundational knowledge of/gain the ability to nail that "look", integrate with a live-action plate, or make changes based on client and production notes quickly and efficiently. First, you will explore the wealth of options in V-Ray for Maya to empower compositing, such as splitting the render into diffuse, reflections, and refraction parts, as well as motion vectors. Next, you will discover depth passes and a whole slew of specialist passes that can enable relighting in your team’s 2D application of choice. Finally, you will learn how to enable a vast array of adjustments in 2D and save on long and expensive 3D renders. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of multi-pass rendering needed to fulfill deadlines, collaborate smoothly with colleagues, and satisfy creative clients.

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