Multiple Streams of Property Income by Rob Moore

Multiple Streams of Property Income by Rob Moore
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Overview: If you’d like to earn "Multiple Streams of Property Income" in the shortest possible (yet realistic) timeframe, and if you’d like to earn recurring, passive income from all 4 income ‘Quarters’, and if you’d like to set up simple systems to ‘set and forget’ each income stream to allow them to compound year on year, then this book is for you.

If you want unrealistic get rich super quick, or you want to work yourself to the bone for the next 50 years, then this book is not for you.

Rob Moore, a former struggling artist has authored 3 best selling property books, has bought & sold over 350 properties in the last decade and co-founded the £Multi-million Progressive group, all in his 20’s / early 30’s.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General > Business > Investments

In reading this book now you’ll discover:

How to leverage your time to build "Multiple Streams of Property Income" with the least amount of your sweat
The 4 Income ‘Quarters’ that produce residual, leveraged and passive income, but ONLY when fully understood
How to compound & multiply income fast using the ‘cross-stream’ piggy backing investing technique
Multiple leveraged cashflow strategies revealed inside
An industry exposé from inside the business including the scams and income drains to avoid
How to remove overwhelm, confusion, overload and create strategic clarity
The proven 6 stage property investor roadmap that holds your hand from ‘unbeliever’ through to genuine property Multi-millionaire in the shortest possible time

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