Murder in the Afternoon (Kate Shackleton 03) – Frances Brody

Written by Frances Brody
Read by Anne Dover
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 64 Kbps

Dead One Minute: Young Harriet and her brother, Austin, have always been scared of the quarry where their stonemason father works. So when they find him dead on the cold ground, they scarper quick smart and look for some help.

Alive the Next?: When help arrives, however, the quarry is deserted, and there is no sign of the body. Were the children mistaken? Is their father not dead? Did he simply get up and run away?

A Sinister Disappearing Act: It seems like another unusual case requiring the expertise of Kate Shackleton. But for Kate this is one case where surprising family ties makes it her most dangerous – and delicate – yet..

Length: 10hrs & 50mins the Afternoon (Kate Shackleton 03) - Frances Brody.rar

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