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Music: A Subversive History [Audiobook]

Music: A Subversive History [Audiobook]

Music: A Subversive History [Audiobook] by Ted Gioia
English | 2019 | ASIN: B07YVFGKJB | [email protected] kbps | 17h 55m | 492 MB

A preeminent music historian and critic presents a global history of music from the bottom up
Histories of music overwhelmingly suppress stories of the outsiders and rebels who created musical revolutions and instead celebrate the mainstream assimilators who borrowed innovations, diluted their impact, and disguised their sources. In Music: A Subversive History, historian Ted Gioia reclaims the story of music for the riffraff, insurgents, and provocateurs.
Gioia tells a 4,000-year history of music as a global source of power, change, and upheaval. He shows how social outcasts have repeatedly become trailblazers of musical expression: slaves and their descendants, for instance, have repeatedly reinvented music, from ancient times all the way to the jazz, reggae, and hip-hop sounds of the current day.
Music: A Subversive History is essential listening for anyone interested in the meaning of music, from Sappho to the Sex Pistols to Spotify.


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