My House Our House by Karen M. Bush +

My House Our House: Living Far Better for Far Less in a Cooperative Household by Karen M. Bush, Louise S. Machinist, Jean McQuillin
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Overview: With millions in the Boomer generation aging, single and still active, many are exploring non-traditional living arrangements. My House Our House is the story of three trailblazing women who came together to create a 21st century cooperative household. Alternative living arrangements account for a large and growing percentage of American households, and offer practical, economical solutions for people looking to live together for less and still maintain a high quality of life.
CNN and CBS Boston report that Boomer couples are divorcing at double the rate of other age groups, and have less attachment to traditional concepts of family. Told with humor, affection and honesty, this book invites the reader to explore the challenges, practicalities and joys of moving from "my house" to "our house."
Genre: Non-Fiction – General

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