Nanostructured Materials For Next-generation Energy Storage And …

Nanostructured Materials For Next-generation Energy Storage And Conversion: Photovoltaic And Solar Energy

Nanostructured Materials for Next-Generation Energy Storage and Conversion: Photovoltaic and Solar Energy, is volume 4 of a 4-volume series on sustainable energy. Photovoltaic and Solar Energy while being a comprehensive reference work, is written with minimal jargon related to various aspects of solar energy and energy policies. It is authored by leading experts in the field, and lays out theory, practice, and simulation studies related to solar energy and allied applications including policy, economic and technological challenges. Topics covered include: introduction to solar energy, fundamentals of solar radiation, heat transfer, thermal collection and conversion, solar economy, heating, cooling, dehumidification systems, power and process heat, solar power conversion, policy and applications pertinent to solar energy as viable alternatives to fossil fuels. The aim of the book is to present all the information necessary for the design and analysis of solar energy systems for engineers, material scientists, economics, policy analysts, graduate students, senior undergraduates, solar energy practitioner, as well as policy or lawmakers in the field of energy policy, international energy trade, and libraries which house technical handbooks related to energy, energy policy and applications.