Naval Warfare: An International Encyclopedia – 3 …

Naval Warfare: An International Encyclopedia – 3 Vol Set (warfare Series)

Three volumes. 1,500 entries. 2,500 years of history. Seven seas. It all adds up to Naval Warfare: An International Encyclopedia, the most authoritative, comprehensive, and accessible reference work on the subject of combat at sea. Spencer C. Tucker, editor of the award winning Encyclopedia of the Vietnam War, turns his expertise in military history to the greatest war story of them all-humanity’s centuries-old quest for dominance of the mighty deep. Everything’s here, from the ancient Greek galleys at Salamis to the mighty American Sixth Fleet in the Persian Gulf. Written by an international team of experts, these richly illustrated volumes are the essential reference work for students, scholars, and naval history buffs. A host of features-including an extensive use of maps, an inclusive glossary of naval terms, and a lengthy bibliography-makes this encyclopedia the first-and last-place any landlubber-or self-respecting sailor-will turn to for naval history.

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