Neptune: Whispers From Eternity

Neptune: Whispers From Eternity
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Date: 2016-07-11
ISBN-10: 1535217634
ISBN-13: 9781535217637
Language: English
Pages: 610
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NEPTUNE: WHISPERS FROM ETERNITY by Jeffrey Wolf Green is a groundbreaking book that explains all the core archetypes that correlate with Neptune, Pisces, and the 12th House. It starts with the core archetypes of consciousness and the structure of the Soul within consciousness in human form. A specific astrological paradigm is presented that allows the reader to understand the core structure of any Soul’s consciousness. The natural evolution of the Soul’s consciousness is then discussed relative to the four natural evolutionary states or conditions for it to be within, and how the individual Soul consciousness is given a specific identity in each life by way of the egocentric structure that the Soul creates for its ongoing evolutionary needs. All the additional core archetypes are discussed such as the inner directions from the Source of the Soul, God/ess, whispers from eternity that attempt to direct the Soul in its evolutionary needs, the sense and need for ultimate meaning in one’s life, delusions and illusions, what can be called the ‘god complex,’ deceptions, the collective consciousness and unconsciousness and each individual Soul’s relationship to that, various types of instability of the Soul’s consciousness such as schizophrenia, dreams and what types, hope and hopelessness, faith, miracles, the various types of wounding of the Soul, purity, innocence, victimization, scapegoating, the power of imagination, psychic phenomena, a discussion of Neptune’s lower octave, Venus, and how this correlates to the essential needs of the Soul in relationships, the transit of Neptune in Pisces, and a natural way that is provable to create a super-conscious state within yourself that allows for a perception, knowing, of the Manifest and Un-manifested Creation: God. Each one of these archetypes is exampled by way of birth charts, actual case histories, that contributors on the Evolutionary Astrology message board have submitted that will give all of you a ‘hands on’ feel and understanding of how to apply Evolutionary Astrology in your own life, the life of your friends and lovers, and your clients if you are a practicing astrologer. There is no other book on Neptune like this one. And, consider this: as you at this very moment are reading these words, you are experiencing the ‘world’ around you as it is. All the events going on in the world, your country, your region, your city, your group or tribe of like-minded Souls, and your own individual Soul reality within all this. THIS IS YOUR LIVING EXPERIENCE OF NEPTUNE! THIS IS NEPTUNE’S CONSCIOUSNESS. RIGHT NOW, AND IN EVERY OTHER MOMENT IN TIME. THIS IS THE NATURAL TRIAD OF CONSCIOUSNESS SYMBOLIZED BY THE MOON, YOUR EGO, PLUTO, YOUR SOUL, AND NEPTUNE ITSELF: YOUR INDIVIDUALIZED CONSCIOUSNESS RELATIVE TO THE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS OF ALL HUMANS. Show more Show less 3e36b951e8e460e16191dd5470a1ce6e

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