New Money for a New World by Bernard Lietaer

New Money for a New World by Bernard Lietaer
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Overview: “We can end the threats to our environment and aid dramatically in its restoration. We can help provide meaningful work for all, with opportunities that enhance and replenish the world about us. We can effectively address fundamental urban and rural concerns and the many diverse and often-divergent needs of developing and developed nations alike. We can create a better world where life and all living systems flourish. This is not an idealistic dream, but is rather a pragmatic attainment, achievable within our very own lifetimes.”

So write Bernard Lietaer and Stephen Belgin, authors of the much-anticipated book New Money for a New World. Mr. Lietaer is a principal architect of the euro and author of the acclaimed international best-seller The Future of Money, which has been translated into sixteen languages. Mr. Belgin is the founder and President of Qiterra Press, a publishing company dedicated to life-affirming works that improve the human condition.

New Money for a New World examines a previously unexamined culprit for the many issues we face today – the monopoly of our centuries-old monetary system. This book provides many ways and means that are readily available to stop the current juggernaut towards global self-destruction. Many of the solutions offered within this book are more than theory. Communities from around the world have successfully addressed a myriad of issues without the need to raise taxes, redistribute wealth, or depend upon enlightened self-interest from corporate entities. Rather, the improvements were realized simply and effectively by rethinking money.
With such a shift, everything is possible.

“Rarely has a cultural look at money ever been presented with the depth and panache of this book. New Money for a New World is of critical usefulness and could well start a movement towards a new use of currencies and wealth that will bring constructive impetus to the emerging planetary civilization. Thus, it is more than a book; it is a key process in whole system transition.”
~Dr. Jean Houston, Author, UN consultant, and Host of A Passion for the Possible – A PBS series
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