Next Generation Talent Management: Talent Management To …

Next Generation Talent Management: Talent Management To Survive Turmoil

In the past talent was largely an issue for Human Resources personnel. Now, in an era characterized by workforce heterogeneity and changing environments, talent is an important issue for managers themselves. This book explains the organizational transformations that have occurred and the new talent challenges managers have to confront. From the Inside Flap In today’s business world, characterized by fast-paced change and heterogeneity of personnel, talent is no longer the exclusive domeain of human resources managers. Talent has become an organizational issue of concern for all business leaders. What changes have recently come about to make this the case? And, more importantly, how can businesses attract, retain and develop the most talented of the new generation of young people hoping to enter the workforce? How can they get the best out of a new cohort, without succumbing to organizational turmoil? In Next Generation Talent Management, Andrs Hatum provides innovative responses to these questions. Drawing on the practical experiences of top global companies including L’Oral, Deloitte, Syngenta and Cirque du Soleil, DOW and elBulli, he outlines a path towards success for all businesses looking to attain a competitive advantage throught people. Detailed case studies are complemented by "best practice at a glance" boxes. Hatum provides a workable framework for how companies can develop tools and long-term strategies aimed at finding the best people, broadening the scope of their personal development, and helping to keep them loyal to the enterprise. This is a book no business manager can afford to ignore. My nickname –