Nick Drossos Scientific Street Fighting DVDRip

Nick Drossos Scientific Street Fighting DVDRip
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Destroy & Dominate Any Testosterone Filled Attacker With The Hidden Details Of Street Fighting From �The Most Popular Self-Defense Coach On The Planet� � Over 65 Million People Have Learned From Him. These Simple Techniques Can Make "Old Guys" Over 40 Indestructible

If You’re A Guy Over 40 Who Worries About Being Attacked, Nick Drossos Has A Foolproof Plan To Deal With Any Situation & He Shows You His Tricks That Will Win Any Fight. Sucker Punchers, Multiple Attackers, Bigger Guys, Knives, Clubs � They Will All Fall At Your Feet


Check Out One Of His Videos From Youtube: 14 Million Views

Wherever you go, there are young thugs looking for someone to pick on and prove something. They want to take your money, look tough in front of your girl, or some girl nearby or show off in front of their friends. These a##holes don�t mind HUMILIATING you to make themselves look and feel better. You may worry that you are too old – but once you know the secrets, your age will become an asset.


�Unbelievable, Probably The Best Training I�ve Had� Joe Riley, NYPD

Even if you know how to box or grapple, the street is a different contest. There are eye pokes, foreign objects, multiple attackers, weapons, obstacles.. if you haven�t prepared for this type of fight you are going to lose: plain and simple. The only question is what you will lose. Hopefully only your money.. Many people every day are victims of attacks and they lose more than that: people are killed every day.

The difference between winning and losing, humiliation and respect and even living and dying can be knowing a few secrets. Who knows these secrets? The best street fighters know them.

When you first meet Nick Drossos you might not think he would be tough. He�s a jolly and proud Greek who grew up in Montreal. He�s usually smiling. He�s not that big but he is very confident, because he knows something that you don�t. He can kick your ass. He�s not gonna beat the best boxer in the world in boxing and he�s not gonna out grapple the best Jiu Jitsu guys in the world, but if it turns into a street confrontation, there is no one better. ? Nick has studied every situation like a college professor and if you test him � he has studied for the test: he�s studied more than you have…

�Made A Huge Difference� Dino, Musician From Greece

Win The Fight Before It Starts

For instance, Nick knows when a fight is going to start and he can teach you the telltale signs. He has a philosophy that if you say to a guy who is about to attack you �Hey pal put up your dukes, let�s fight� that you are now in an MMA fight � maybe you can beat the guy, maybe you can�t. Nick doesn�t take those kinds of risks � before the guy can even get off a sucker shot, Nick has poked his eyes � HARD � taken him down and finished him.


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