Night Shifts Black by Alyson Santos (.M4B)

Night Shifts Black by Alyson Santos (NSB #1), Veronica Worthington (Narrator)
Requirements: M4B Player, 245mb, 9 hours
Overview: His name is Luke. But nobody knows that. He was an iconic musician before he gave up music. But nobody knows that either. They also don’t know he’s 27, that he used to have an infectious laugh, and that he’s way too young to be widowed. They certainly don’t know the rest of his tragic story.

All they know is that he comes into their cafe at the same time every morning and stares at the same chair at the same table. They know he’s strange. They know he interrupts their breakfast with a cold blast of air as he hovers in the doorway, mustering the courage to confront a piece of furniture.

No one asks why. No one cares. He’s fine with that. He’s done with life. This isn’t even his story anymore. It’s actually Callie’s, the young writer who sat in his chair one day.

Contains mature themes.
Genre: Audiobook > Fiction > Romance

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