Night Terror by E.A. Copen

Night Terror by E.A. Copen (The Lazarus Codex #7)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 323 KB

Living nightmares. Dead relatives. And one really awkward turkey dinner.
After an exhausting trek through seven hells, all Lazarus wants is to kick back and relax through the holidays.Unfortunately, the supernatural has other plans.

Three murder-suicides in as many weeks has New Orleans on edge. The killers? All family men, loving fathers, and wizards. Two is a coincidence, but three is a pattern Lazarus can’t ignore, especially since he fits the profile. Something is driving these men insane and making them murder their beloved families. Something that strikes only at night and leaves only nightmares behind.
If Lazarus doesn’t find whatever is behind these strange deaths and soon, his family might be next on the menu.