NIV, God’s Justice Bible, Imitation Leather, Brown: The…

NIV, God’s Justice Bible, Imitation Leather, Brown: The Flourishing of Creation and the Destruction of Evil
Publisher: Zondervan
Date: 2016-02-23
ISBN-10: 0310437199
ISBN-13: 9780310437192
Language: English
Pages: 1792
Added: 2017-03-22 16:22:02

God’s justice-his "setting things right”-is a foundational principle of the Bible. His plan for justice to triumph is traced from Genesis to Revelation, and as a theme it forms the backbone of Scripture.
Designed to inform and inspire, NIV God’s Justice: The Holy Bible carefully addresses the timeless and universal issues around injustice. Written by a team of international writers who bring a global perspective to these issues, NIV God’s Justice: The Holy Bible is designed to fire readers’ passion for social justice and take positive steps to bring justice issues to light in their own circle of influence. The writers come from every continent, representing organizations such as the International Justice Mission, Compassion and World Vision. Well-Known UK and US contributors include Kirsh Kandiah, Tim Stafford, Andy Crouch, Ron Sider, and Joel Edwards.

  • The complete text of the NIV Bible, the world’s most-read and most-trusted modern-English translation
  • Book Introductions for every book in the Bible highlight how the theme of God’s justice is addressed throughout the entire Bible
  • Study notes on passages that speak to the problems of injustice in the world (governmental oppression, human trafficking, slavery, financial inequality, and more) and how God’s overall plan is to restore his creation
  • Prayers and questions for reflection at the end of each book of the Bible
  • World Christian perspective on God’s justice brought through a portfolio of 57 international scholars and writers
  • Full-color interior design with wood-carving images of trees from around the world

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