No One Can Escape the 4 Laws by Eloy Rodrigo Colombo

No One Can Escape the 4 Laws: The Heavy and Loaded Weapons That Destroy Poverty. Hold Them in your Hands and Squeeze the Trigger. Negotiate or Die. by Eloy Rodrigo Colombo
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Overview: You may have wondered why some people manage to climb their way out of poverty into wealth, whereas so many others only know poverty throughout their lives.
How is it possible that entire nations manage to get rich, while others remain destitute?
What do you need to know and do to become rich? Take away the wealth of someone else who has it? But what about that someone: how did he acquire his wealth?
When you look at the S&P 500, what makes it reach a limit, either at its highest or lowest? Would it be possible to manipulate stock prices?
Why doesn’t the government raise everyone’s wages so that all people become rich?
What is the “recipe” for wealth, after all?
To answer this question, you need to know the Laws of Economics discovered by Walras.
I have written this book because I believe that all people should be aware of how the Laws of Economics have the power to guide us toward prosperity by teaching us how to generate maximum wealth.
In this book, I show you that the economy and the financial market have laws, as well as the laws of physics, chemistry, and mathematics. The economy and the financial market, which seem chaotic, speculative, and manipulated, are actually ruled by inescapable laws, such as the law of gravity.
Get this opportunity and look inside the book.
I hope this book brings wealth your way.
Eloy Rodrigo Colombo, 2017
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