Noise, Oscillators and Algebraic Randomness

Noise, Oscillators and Algebraic Randomness
Publisher: Springer
Date: 2000-08-17
ISBN-10: 3540675728
ISBN-13: 9783540675723
Language: English
Pages: 417
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Noise is ubiquitous in nature and in man-made methods. Noise in oscillators perturbs high-technology gadgets reminiscent of time requirements or virtual communique methods. The figuring out of its algebraic construction is thus of important significance. The e book addresses each the dimension strategies and the figuring out of quantum, 1/f and section noise in methods reminiscent of digital amplifiers, oscillators and receivers, trapped ions, cosmic ray showers and in business programs. A powerful hyperlink between 1/f noise and quantity concept is emphasised. The twenty papers within the e book are complete variations of talks introduced at a college in Chapelle des Bois (Jura, France) held from April 6 to 10, 1999, via engineers, physisicts and mathematicians. Show extra Show much less e5d2d956a8537979dd684fea80d356a9] Size: (5.66 MB) [/code]891ad8c1888a67dedeefd354db9ad9e2] Bad hyperlink [/code]File identify: 3540675728(EEpdf).zip File dimension: 5.66 MB