Non-linear Filters For Mammogram Enhancement: A Robust …

Non-linear Filters For Mammogram Enhancement: A Robust Computer-aided Analysis Framework For Early Detection Of Breast Cancer

This book presents non-linear image enhancement approaches to mammograms as a robust computer-aided analysis solution for the early detection of breast cancer, and provides a compendium of non-linear mammogram enhancement approaches: from the fundamentals to research challenges, practical implementations, validation, and advances in applications. The book includes a comprehensive discussion on breast cancer, mammography, breast anomalies, and computer-aided analysis of mammograms. It also addresses fundamental concepts of mammogram enhancement and associated challenges, and features a detailed review of various state-of-the-art approaches to the enhancement of mammographic images and emerging research gaps. Given its scope, the book offers a valuable asset for radiologists and medical experts (oncologists), as mammogram visualization can enhance the precision of their diagnostic analyses and for researchers and engineers, as the analysis of non-linear filters is one of the most challenging research domains in image processing.