North Africa and Italy: 1942-1944 by Will Fowler

North Africa and Italy: 1942-1944 by Will Fowler
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Overview: NORTH AFRICA AND ITALY Will Fowler NORTH AFRICA AND ITALY 1942 – 1944 HBBi mmmmmm NORTH AFRICA CONTENTS EL ALAMEIN 6-27 The battle of El Alamein was the decisive 8th Army victory over the Afrika Korps that the British Prime Minister Churchill craved before the United States entered the war with landings in Morocco. Under General Bernard Montgomery the pursuit following the El Alamein victory was slow even though ULTRA intelligence showed the Afrika Korps was broken. Blitzkrieg: Fast armoured and mechanised warfare supported by bombers and ground attack aircraft. T H E SOFT UNDERBELLY 28-43 Churchill asserted that an attack on Fascist Italy would be an attack on the "soft underbelly" of the Italian/German Axis. What he and the British and American planners did not consider was that the Germans would move reinforcements rapidly down the peninsula. AEGEAN VICTORY 44-53 In 1943 the Italian-held islands off the Turkish coast were up for grabs. Churchill saw a chance to bring Turkey into the war on the side of the Allies and sent British troops to seize them. The Germans counter attacked and triumphed. T H E GUSTAV LINE 54-77 The German defence of Monte Cassino and the containment of the landings at Anzio was a triumph of defensive fighting that at Anzio was close to becoming a victory. Under Field Marshal Kesselring they held the Allies until June 1944. T H E ETERNAL CITY AND BEYOND 78-93 Rome fell on June 5, 1944 but the Allies had months of hard fighting ahead, as the Germans withdrew to new defensive lines. INDEX 95-96 EL ALAMEIN The German people, in company with myself are following your heroic defensive struggle in Egypt with devout trust in your personal leadership and the bravery of the German and Italian troops who serve you. In your present situation you can have no other thought than to hold out, refuse to yield a step, and commit to the battle every weapon and every soldier who can be released from other duties. Signal from Adolf Hitler to Field Marshal Erwin Rommel 13.30,
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