Numb: Find Healing In Feeling by Kay Gackle

Numb: Find Healing In Feeling by Kay Gackle
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Overview: I feel numb.

Kay Gackle has heard these words for years as a therapist. Then one day, Kay found she was saying these exact same words.

The phrase feeling numb is a bit ironic. Is it a feeling if we "feel" nothing? Being numb can be considered a feeling the same as white is considered a color. The color white appears because it absorbs no color. White is literally the absence of color. In the same way, numb is the absence of feeling. The color white can be seen when it is against a background of other colors. Likewise, we recognize being numb against the knowledge of where other feelings would typically exist. We know that we would naturally feel in a certain way, but we just don’t feel anything.
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