Obscene Fantasies by Brenda Bethman

Obscene Fantasies: Elfriede Jelinek’s Generic Perversions by Brenda Bethman
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Overview: This book examines Elfriede Jelinek’s investigation of Austria’s and Western Europe’s "obscene fantasies" through her "perversion" of generic forms in three of her best-known texts (Die Liebhaberinnen, Lust, and Die Klavierspielerin). Each chapter investigates a central psychoanalytic concept (alienation, jouissance, perversion, and sublimation) and reads a Jelinek text in relation to the genre that it is perverting, exposing the "obscene fantasies" that lie at its heart. This book argues that the disruption of genres is one of Jelinek’s most significant literary contributions, with her works functioning to create a "negative aesthetics" as opposed to a positive reworking of generic forms.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational > Social Sciences > Gender Studies

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