On-target Profile No 4: Spitfires Mk 1-6 …

On-target Profile No 4: Spitfires Mk 1-6 In The European Theatre Of Operations

The book focuses on giving modellers a large selection of colour profiles to help expand their reference library. In fact there are 73 different Spitfire colour profiles featured in this book. They cover Spitfires from the various RAF Squadrons that included Australians, Canadians, Czechs, Belgium and Polish Squadrons that flew with the RAF as well as a few others from the British Commonwealth. The colour profiles in this book feature Spitfires from Mk1’s through to the last of the short nosed Spitfires….the MkVI that flew from the UK in what was to become called the European Theatre of Operations. Included with each colour profile is info on the particular plane as well as information about it’s paint scheme. About 20% of the profiles also include a top and bottom view and two side profiles to give an all around view of certain Spitfires included in this book. Also included in the book is a page with 13 colour chips for the various Spitfires.

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