On Target Profiles No 7: English Electric …

On Target Profiles No 7: English Electric Canberra Part 1

The book focuses on giving modellers a large selection of colour profiles and colour photos to help expand their reference library. There are 104 different Canbera colour profiles featured in this book, about 20% of the profiles also include a top and bottom view to give an all around view of certain Canberras included in this book. They cover Canberras including the B.2, B.6, B.15, B.16, E.15, PR.3,PR.7, T.4, T.17, T.19 and the TT.18 in RAF and FAA service. The colour profiles in this book feature a huge variety of paint schemes including one that appears to be wearing D-Day type stripes that was used in 1956 is support of "Operation Musketeer" during the Suez Crisis. Included with each colour profile is info on the particular plane as well as information about it’s paint scheme.

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