Oneness conference

Oneness conference
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Oneness Conference
Theme: Gathering the Awakeners

Please join us in co-creating a state of Oneness and deep insight, changing our personal and planetary destiny with others who are dedicated to moving in the same direction. Search your heart now to see if you are one of the Awakeners being called to come together at Sedona Creative Life Center. Help us build a world in which Oneness, Peace and Harmony are the normal ways of being; a world in which each person is treasured for their unique contribution; a world of true freedom and unparalleled well-being.
Mary Saint-Marie – Sacred Enactment of Ancient Remembering: is…who Remembers.

A multi-media, multi-dimensional presentation of the arising Divine Feminine, the receptive in us all.

Mary says, "This rising, unveiling Feminine in man and in woman heralds and makes possible the ‘landing’ of World Balance. And that together, we embark on the Unspeakable…the World Birth of the Undivided One."

Presentation shared with art show, narration, sacred soul sound, dance and music.

A poetic and visual archetypal Odyssey of our collective Soul Remembering.

A sharing of Life as Living Ceremony.

Inspiration to feel Self through Signings of the Soul (movements) that began to come to Mary in 1975 through seven beings of Light.

Inspiration to ‘feel’ and experience that Presence of the Wordless and the Nameless, that Wholeness which allows Grace. And then…The Mystical as the Practical in our own lives. Art-of-the-Soul from Ancient Beauty Studio.

Sounds and Signings of the Soul – Remembering�The Sounds of the Soul

Join Mary with guest musician Edward Maesen in a ceremony using microphones and an electronic echo unit so that you may experience the depth of your inner sounds travel across time and space, past the stars�or into the earth. Open to Sacred Soul Sounds (and to Silence, Signings and Stillness) in new and mystical ways. Allow yourself to Know�from within�

Remembering�Universal Soul. Remembering Star-Stone Essence�the Marriage of Earth and Sky. Remembering�Self�as the Temple Template of Infinity. Remembering�Primordial Dreamtime. Remembering�Divine Archetypes

Mary Saint-Marie carries Gift of Ceremony and has been inspiring and initiating others into ‘Rapture and Revelation through Sounds and Signings of the Soul’ since 1975. Mary catalyzes others to find their soul sounds and movements and to �land them upon this Garden of Earth.� Mary says, �It is Time to allow the Universal One Soul to sound us and move us. Then the Individual Soul and the Universal Soul are known directly as the ONEness that they are.� This Ceremony of the Soul reveals that we are Carriers of the New Sounds. These sounds serve to part the Red Sea. These new patternings released onto the earth plane will serve to land the new cosmology. They have the power to dissolve the mis-creations of the human mind, as if they never were. They reveal Life as a Light-wave universe. As truly, a Life as Living Ceremony. Visit Mary’s web site at

Together…let us access BEAUTY beyond the mind and manifest it.

Together…let us experience passage into ‘the once upon a non-time.’

Together…let us Return to the One.

Edward Maesen is a ceremonialist who uses his voice, didgeridoo, drum and other instruments to ground Spirit. As a scientist and software developer, he is firmly rooted in the logical rational world, educated in quantum physics and interested in its relation with spiritual philosophy. He has studied the principles of psycho-acoustics and applies these in his sound recordings.


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