OpenSCAD Cookbook: OpenSCAD Recipes for learning 3D modeling.

Author(s): OpenSCAD Cookbook: OpenSCAD Recipes for learning 3D modeling

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OpenSCAD is for anyone who wants to learn how to 3D print. If you can use a ruler, you can use OpenSCAD!
This book is for Makers, Engineers, and anyone who wants to create 3D shapes for 3D printing or manufacturing.OpenSCAD has some great advantages over other software you might choose to use. It’s free, runs on Windows, Macs, and Linux machines, has a much shorter learning curve, and it puts you in control of your designs instead of your designs controlling you!Using a fun, recipe-like pattern, this book guides you through simple 3D designs that cover 99% of the operations and techniques used day-to-day with OpenSCAD. You’ll be baking and making in no time at all! Guidance is provided where you might need some of the more obscure features of the language, but the focus is on fast and efficient learning of the core basics.
OpenSCAD works in a different way compared to the expensive commercial software packages typically used for 3D design. Instead of interactively choosing from a multitude of obscure, hard to remember icons, buttons, menus, and sub-feature options to sketch out your designs with a mouse, OpenSCAD lets you edit a text-based script that creates your 3D objects. You get the best of both worlds, because you can easily pan, rotate, and zoom to see your creations in space, but the creation of those shapes is much more in your control and understanding.Contents:
Getting Started
Why Use OpenSCAD
Install OpenSCAD Cheatsheet
How to Learn from this Book
Recipe 1: Hello World Meatball!
Recipe 2: Create a Square Sheetcake
Recipe 3: Parameterization
Recipe 4: Create a Circle
Recipe 5: Rotation and Translation
Recipe 6: Create a Polygon
Recipe 7: Trimming the Edges
Recipe 8: Stamp Your Name On It
Recipe 9: Extruding Into Space
Recipe 10: Create a Donut
Recipe 11: Kitchen Tips and Tricks
Recipe 12: Functions, Modules, and Regular Polygons
Recipe 13: No Matter How You Slice It
Recipe 14: Create the Holey Grail
Recipe 15: Birthday Candles & Other Common Cylinders
Recipe 16: Ice Cubes for Party Drinks
Recipe 17: Polyhedron Souffle
Recipe 18: After-Dinner Mints and Toothpicks
Recipe 19: Use a Recipe Box
Recipe 20: Mirror Mirror on the Plane
Recipe 21: Popcorn and Other Hulls
Recipe 22: Minkowski Mints
Appendix A
Using OpenSCAD
Icons and Buttons
Mouse Use
Creating STLFiles
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