Optical Illusions: An Eye-Popping Extravaganza of Visual Tricks…

Optical Illusions: An Eye-Popping Extravaganza of Visual Tricks (Dover Books on Magic, Games and Puzzles)
Publisher: Dover Publications
Date: 2014-06-18
ISBN-10: 0486493547
ISBN-13: 9780486493541
Language: English
Pages: 80
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"This is a very entertaining collection of optical illusions, full of pictures that will leave you scratching your head as you try to figure out how they’ve fooled you. There are loads of them, and it’s the best optical illusion book I’ve come across." – Bertass Reviews Anything/World of Children’s Books
An image on a page appears to vibrate, a face gradually disappears, and a puzzling cat makes an appearance in this feast of fascinating optical tricks. Children and adults can discover the fascinating intersection of art, science, and magic in a series of geometric illusions, delusions, distortion effects, and other impossible images.
Designed and drawn by a famous puzzle maker, the book is intended to perplex readers, to excite their sense of wonder, and to encourage them to question the nature of reality. The optical illusions, which combine visual interest with elements of psychology and recreational logic, include many original illusions as well as new adaptations of lesser-known visual tricks. Each of the images is accompanied by a simple commentary that explains how it works. Show more Show less a0aade112a9fc3694a38ed81de591470

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