Organized Crime

Organized Crime
Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing
Date: 2009-01-27
ISBN-10: 0495599662
ISBN-13: 9780495599661
Language: English
Pages: 480
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ORGANIZED CRIME provides a detailed, comprehensive analysis of the origins, history, theoretical explanations, and structure of domestic and international organized crime. The author also explains the methods employed by law enforcement agencies to combat organized crime, as well as the policy decisions of various investigating committees and commissions, including the President’s Commission on Organized Crime. Show more Show less 9a94ba75068236e3af6a9b4708293c10] Size: (6.20 MB) [/code]a15045c1f720bdc55664ad2bc0239629 [/code]File name: 6234.Organized Crime by Howard Abadinsky.pdf File size: 6.20 MB