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Thread: The Ultimate Visual Guide to Star Wars

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    Default The Ultimate Visual Guide to Star Wars

    The Ultimate Visual Guide to Star Wars
    By Ryder Windham

    Publisher: DK CHILDREN
    Number Of Pages: 144
    Publication Date: 2005-09-19
    ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0756614201
    ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780756614201

    Product Description:

    Providing fans and newcomers everything they need to know about the highest-grossing movie saga ever, this is the first-ever visual guide to the entire Star Wars franchise

    Summary: Wow--"Ultimate" is Right!!
    Rating: 5

    My 6-yr-old is crazy about Star Wars, and this book tells him everything he could possibly want to know--and more!! There are lots of pictures and side bars, packed with information, following the whole Star Wars timeline. If you want to know anything about any part of Star Wars--this is the book to get!

    Summary: Covers everything for the Star Wars enthusiast
    Rating: 4

    I received this book as a Xmas gift from my big brother. Really clearly written - good sized pictures as you would expect from DK.

    Easy to read and informative. I found out quite a few facts that I didn't know before getting this book. I have many other Star Wars books - the fold out cross-section ones and the large format ones specific to each episode - but this is still a good addition as it covers aspects such as the comic books, George Lucas and spin-offs.

    Summary: rather disappointed
    Rating: 2

    I thought this would be similar to the Star Wars: The Complete Visual Dictionary, which show A LOT of details, cross-sections, and diagrams. Instead, it is full of comic/animated drawings, and many pics of Star Wars toys... and it is almost half as thin as The Complete Visual Dictionary. WTF?!

    I would return it if I could. (

    Summary: Excellent resource for any age fan
    Rating: 5

    I bought this book for my brother, a huge fan who always had Star Wars materials around when we were growing up. Before I gave it to him, my 7-year old son looked through it and asked if he could keep it. Not a chance -- my brother loved it and took it home. He said there were things in the book even he hadn't seen before. I'll have to order another for my son!

    Summary: Good book for the Star Wars fan
    Rating: 4

    A true fan won't learn anything new but there are lots of great pictures in a nice format.


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    AWESOME!! Thanks a bunch

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