Packt Tumult Hype Pro Basics HTML5 Animations Made Easier-ZH

Packt Tumult Hype Pro Basics HTML5 Animations Made Easier-ZH


Build HTML5 animations in Hype
Build responsive web content for any device
Publish interactions to iBooks Author
Build interactive web content


In this course, you will learn to create interactive HTML5 web content and animations made with Tumult Hype 3 Professional. This web content works on desktops, smartphones, and iPads.

Tumult Hype’s keyframe-based animation system brings your content to life. Tumult Hype is a “blank slate" type of application for creating content. The tools provided are powerful and encourage experimentation; the possibilities of what you can build are endless.

We will teach you the basics of Hype Pro 3, how to get started with the application and how you can use it to create some stunning interactions and animations. Many of the concepts you learn in this course will transfer over to the Hype 3 regular version as well.

With Jeff as your Sensei, you will become a certified Ninja of Hype in no time!

Tumult Hype makes web animations easier than having to do CSS animations.
It gives you a visual timeline and a visual way to layout and creates your content.
You can even create responsive layouts with custom interactivity that is easy to use and get started with.

Course Length 4 hours 12 minutes
ISBN 9781838983321
Date Of Publication 14 Nov 2019