Pankration by Jim Arvanitis

Pankration: Grappling and Ground Fighting Fundamentals by Jim Arvanitis
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Overview: Wrestling is the oldest combat sport in the history of mankind. The ancient Greeks refined it and included it in its PanHellenic festivals and in the early Olympic Games. Grappling was also a major component of pankration, considered the Original Mixed Martial Art, which became the most spectacular of all the athletic competitions throughout the old world.
Jim Arvanitis, world recognized as Greek pankration’s Renaissance Man, reveals the inner workings of the grappling and ground fighting elements of the art. Arvanitis covers it all in depth – from the art’s origins and techniques to practical applications that even the most experienced martial artists can benefit from. Commencing with isolated skill development tools, the content progresses to a complete set of tactics and fight plans, where you will learn to attack and react to an opponent. A comprehensive section on specialized training methods is also included.
Whether you’re standing or on the ground, Arvanitis presents takedowns and throws, clinching, joint locks, chokes and cranks, strikes, and key strategies designed to give you the upper hand in close quarter combat. Numerous artistic renderings from ancient Greek vases and sculptures, and hundreds of photos supplement the text.
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