Paris Recipes by Julia Chiles

Paris Recipes: A Complete Cookbook of Tasty, French Dish Ideas! by Julia Chiles
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Overview: Do you picture Paris cuisine as just fancy dishes? Does your mind conjure images of opulent restaurants and elegant presentations of food?
French cooking is more than sophisticated but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it at home. Using the proper techniques and ingredients, you can create your own dishes of Paris when you use the imaginative recipes in this cookbook.
How can you make your French dishes the hits of the dinner party?
Remember that, under the subtlety of Paris recipes is the idea of trying to create harmonious dishes that elevate the quality of your main ingredients. In this book, you’ll learn to cook like the French do, while layering the flavors, too. You may enjoy cooking with wine, as well, and the French have that down to an art.
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