Pelvic Pain by Susie Gronski

Pelvic Pain: The Ultimate Cock Block: A no bullsh*t guide to help you navigate through pelvic pain by Susie Gronski
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Overview: You woke up one morning expecting a hard on, but instead, all you felt was dick pain. You’re thinking maybe it was a weird sex position or that sports injury from the other day. ”No biggie, it’ll go away,” you think to yourself. Or maybe you have no clue how this happened but you were sure it would eventually go away. Now you’re not so sure… Years later, you’re still dealing with the same nightmare and have no answers. Like Bill Murray in the Groundhog Day movie, same sh*t, different day. You’ve tried everything but the medications haven’t worked and the doctors don’t know what else to do. Your penis just doesn’t work the same anymore. You think about it all the time, freaked out that there’s something else more serious going on that the docs just haven’t found yet. That’s why Dr. Susie Gronski wrote Pelvic Pain: The Ultimate Cock Block. In this book, you’ll work through why you might be convinced your penis just doesn’t work the same anymore, learn to stop freaking out that there’s something more serious going on and ease into physical therapies that can help you get your life back. Pelvic Pain: The Ultimate Cock Block has been written to empower YOU to become the EXPERT in treating your pelvic pain. Bottom line: a life without pain is possible for you.
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