Pencils and Process by Jon Amdall

Pencils and Process: Thoughts on Returning to Art, Portraits, and Colored Pencil Painting by Jon Amdall
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Overview: Pencils and Process offers an easy-to-follow discussion about drawing and learning to use colored pencil from a beginner’s perspective. It covers the use of graphite pencils, measuring grids for controlled proportions, starting with color, approaches to blending, sources of subject ideas, and thoughts about online art communities and copyright. For those who have returned to art recently, or are considering doing so, this book provides relatable experience and tips. For those already immersed in drawing, it shows another perspective and ideas from an unconventional viewpoint.

As the cover suggests, this is a book about art and process. More specifically, it’s an exploration of re-learning how to draw after taking a 15-year break. Within these pages, you will follow lessons taken through a hobbyist’s experience. The goal is to make the stories and descriptions accessible to help others on a similar journey. Basic techniques are covered such as measuring grids for proportion and colored pencil "painting" to achieve a smooth look using thickly blended layers.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

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