Permission to Put Yourself First by Nancy Levin (ePUB)

Permission to Put Yourself First: Questions, Exercises, and Advice to Transform All Your Relationships, 2nd Edition by Nancy Levin
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Overview: New in paperback: Worthy author Nancy Levin shows you how to turn the old model of relationship on its head and build something better and more fulfilling than you’ve had before.

Are you ready to go back to the drawing board in your love life-and end up more satisfied than you’ve ever been before? In these pages, master coach Nancy Levin takes a truly fresh look at relationships, showing you how to build them better from the ground up-or perform some skillful renovations.

Newly available in paperback, Permission to Put Yourself First is for you if you fit any of these profiles: you’re single and looking for a new relationship beyond what you’ve experienced before . . . you’re happy alone but looking toward a great relationship in the future . . . you’re divorced and determined never to do that again . . . or you’re recovering from the death of a partner and unsure what’s next. It’s also for you if you’re currently in a relationship that you want to refresh and restore; a relationship that challenges or threatens your boundaries; a relationship you’re not sure you can salvage; or a relationship you recognize as the exact right teacher for you, even if it’s not easy.
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