Personal Memoirs by Ulysses S. Grant

Personal Memoirs by Ulysses S. Grant
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Overview: Written from his death bed, The Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant are written by the most well known Civil War General himself, Ulysses S. Grant. In a review of his life as a private citizen, as well as a general, Grant lets the listener know what a heroic figure he really was.
Like so many men before him, Grant describes being pressured into a certain way of life by his father. He never aspired for a military career, but his father insisted on West Point Academy for his schooling. Grant takes us through the Mexican-American War, his short retirement after the war, and his involvement in the Civil War. He points out specific historical figures that directly lead to successes and failures in his military career.
Grant also immerses the listener in battle scenes that leave you visualizing an old western movie. His depiction of the war leaves an impression as he goes into deep details about the little parts of daily life in the military, like the food, supplies, and ammunition wagons that delivered their goods to them. Grant gives intellectual commentary on why he believes the Civil War happened, why the South was doomed from the beginning, and surprisingly, how they were all the better for it in the end.
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